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References for buyers

CITYMAKLER DRESDEN has become one of the most experienced agencies in the region. You can have complete faith in our highly experienced team. Our sales experts manage individual flats as well as comprehensive portfolios with hundreds of flats or business properties. A discrete and professional mediation and a service oriented manner of business for sellers and buyers is our secret to success.
Our references speak for themselves:

Maisonette with city view and 2 sun terraces, incl.
Type of property: New
Living area: 88,74 m²
Location: 01326 Dresden
The apartment in a quiet location near the television tower and the beautiful Hochland was mediated in 2006 after lengthy difficulties (ZV procedures, contaminated sites, restriction of use, etc.) by our company to solvente buyers.
Top investment in a popular Dresden district!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 383,28 m²
Location: 01069 Dresden
In May 2006, this fully rented monument museum with additional objects was sold by us to a Berlin fund company.
Charming location DD-Neustadt! Alaunstra
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 57,39 m²
Location: 01099 Dresden
This comfortable, high-quality ETW of a 2001 comprehensively reconstructed residential and business house was sold in 2006 to a Spaniard as second home in the Dresden Neustadt.
Exclusive DG apartment in the pre-war district, new building with two roof terraces!
Type of property: New
Living area: 115,00 m²
Location: 01099 Dresden
The apartment is located in an exclusive new building in the Prussian quarter and has 2 large sunny roof terraces. The sale of the apartment took place in 2007 to a young couple, with whom we are even today still in contact with other matters in contact!
MARGARETHENHOF - housing package in the monument with high AfA! Top ground plans for secure leasing.
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 229,30 m²
Location: 01237 Dresden
Year of construction: 1930,This package could be sold by us to reduce the taxes and formation of capital to a Dresden scientist.
MARGARETHENHOF - attractive package of accommodation in the monument ensemble, TOP-renovation + good location!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 119,60 m²
Location: 01237 Dresden
Year of construction: 1930,This package was sold to a Dresdner engineer to reduce taxes and capital formation.
Renditeneubau in a quiet location in Dresden!
Type of property: New
Living area: 780,00 m²
Location: 01328 Dresden
Year of construction: 1995,The high-quality residential complex from the year 1995 has two inlets and houses a total of 16 apartments with good market-oriented ground plans. It was sold by our company in the course of a portfolio purchase to a Berlin fund company and continued to be supervised by our rental department.
In the spring the flowers grow in their own garden grow!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 109,40 m²
Location: 01157 Dresden
The architecturally charming "Miriam Town Hall" was built around the turn of the century in the Cotta district and completely renovated in 2006. In total, the villa accommodates 8 apartments, all of which have been sold by our company within a three-quarter year.
In your dream home enjoy the sunset!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 100,00 m²
Location: 01277 Dresden
Year of construction: 1900,This is one of four beautiful apartments in a historic villa and one of the most beautiful locations in Dresden - in the district Blasewitz - which was arranged by us in 2006.
Monument - vacancy - good condition! Very good basic risk situation!
Type of property: Old Building
Living area: 755,00 m²
Location: 01127 Dresden
Year of construction: 1900,The partly renovated monuments with richly ornamented fa
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