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Special AfA property: an attractive way to save taxes!

In addition to normal depreciation, German tax law also gives you the possibility of an additional depreciation deduction (called Sonderabschreibung, or Sonder-AfA, in German), usually as a result of renovation costs. In the case of S-AfA, the additional depreciation amount is determined and recorded alongside the normal depreciation.

Once your income reaches a certain barrier, such as 50,000€ per year or more, you pay a high income tax according to your personal situation due to the tax progression. When you purchase a period property, you will have special expenses throughout its renovation, as well as through loan interest, any advertising costs etc, which are counted against your income and lead to a loss. The special expenses reduce your taxable income and therefore your tax rate – you could save a huge amount over the next 12 years!

It is crucial to make a meaningful finance plan and to avoid buying an overpriced property. We will be pleased to advise you on finding a great value investment property and will work with you during the financing and rental phase.

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