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Due diligence in Dresden and central Germany


CITYMAKLER is your on-the-spot professional estate agent, with extensive market experience and knowledge of real estate. Because of the high number of vendors of apartment houses and properties for investment, our team has decided to use the most modern form of property assessment, and which meets the needs of investors: Due Dilligence. In each client's contract te and location of the property will be detailed and evaluated. The result is that the investor or vendor gets a complete, comprehensive picture of the economic and technical points of the property.


Due diligence real estate at CITYMAKLER DRESDEN includes:

Putting together the basic data (area, returns,

Viewing with external and internal experts

Potential uses of the property as investment

Economic Due Dilligence

Legal Due diligence

Technical Due diligence

Collection of data and documents

Assessment of the result on the basis of a methodic
   points system


Through the point system which we have developed the property can be compared to alternative properties for investment, and the client gets a clear, scientifically-based assessment.

Just get in touch with us! We're partner for evaluating local property. Knowledge of the area and contacts throughtout the regions around make us the best people to advise you about the sale and evaluation of your property. 


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