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References for investors

CITYMAKLER DRESDEN has become one of the most experienced agencies in the region because it has complete faith in its team with its more than ten years of experience. Our sales experts manage individual flats as well as comprehensive portfolios with hundreds of flats or business properties. A discrete and professional mediation and a service oriented manner of business for sellers and buyers is our secret to success.
Our references speak for themselves:

Fully rented and renovated MFH in Radebeul!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 351,00 m²
Location: 01445 Radebeul
Year of construction: 1914,This beautiful residential and business house from the year 1914 was sold in summer 2007 to one of our long-standing Irish regular customers.
Real estate portfolio in good location - partial monument!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 4.932,25 m²
Location: 01237 Dresden
Year of construction: 1930,This property portfolio, consisting of two houses in attractive locations in Dresden and Radebeul, was sold by our company in the winter of 2006 to a large investor based in Berlin. CITYMAKLER DRESDEN gave the 8 units that were still to be resolved to Solvente tenants within 8 weeks.
Lovingly renovated clinker building in DD-West!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 822,42 m²
Location: 01159 Dresden
Year of construction: 1900,The listed residential and business house with 2 commercial and 10 residential units was sold by our company in spring 2007 to one of our English regular customers. The building as well as the new owners will continue to be cared for by CITYMAKLER DRESDEN.
Top investment in a popular Dresden district!
Type of property: Renovated old building
Living area: 383,28 m²
Location: 01069 Dresden
In May 2006, this fully rented monument museum with additional objects was sold by us to a Berlin fund company.
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